Business creation, project start-up

In this ever-changing world, companies need to think fast and stay agile. And that requires strategies that work in the real world. With experience across the value chain, end-to-end, Just Pro helps clients create strategies that come not just from knowing, but from the know-how of doing. We have a talented and dedicated team that can help you to set your business with the best business process.

We are dedicated to providing the best business management consulting for all our customers with no hidden fees.  Each and every person from our staff is a business specialist. We assure you that you will not be left midway wandering around. 

We know the right connections and planning to put your company ahead in the competition for survival on the right road to true success.  Thanks to our knowledgeable team for offering excellent advice to companies, from designing a business model or marketing plan to implementing it correctly. 

We support you through all the steps, from the inception to the formalization, according to your objectives.

Human resources

The success of a project depends on the mobilization and involvement of all stakeholders.


We provide actionable counsel to drive your business transformation.

Intellectual property

In the modern, globalized economy, intellectual property meets the needs of protection and promotion of innovations.


We make it easy for you to register your company in the Commercial Register and, to receive mail at our address, while waiting for yours.


Data destruction - Confidentiality - Archiving - Security - Availability.

Asset management

We help you gain competitive advantages through a collaborative approach based on efficient and effective risk management.